Can your church live?

I have spent the last 18 months pioneering the Living Well project which works on a simple idea – the power of vision can turn a church around. After a consultation process a church is offered a way forward and given support as it moves forward. This may be support in mission, appointing leaders or encouraging the church itself into action. Here are some of the key ideas we have discovered in helping declining churches.

There can be a culture of negativity which either holds a church back or creates failure in anything they do. Seek to be positive even when you have difficult things to say.

Small churches sometimes seek to act like big churches with multiple projects. Seek to do one thing well.

Research the pioneering impetus that got that particular church started. It might give clues as to it’s future.

What are the present needs of the community? Is there something the church can do?

Link up with other churches around a project that benefits the community.

Application preaching and discussion are great tools in helping people apply today what they know to be true.

Living Well is ready to help other churches – more details are on our website.

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