Calling time

We live at a moment when it is possible to be a film critic and have never produced a movie, a food critic and never live in the heat of the kitchen, a church critic and never have led a church, a book critic and have never faced the rigors of writing one.  It is possible to be a Christian and not believe in God, An Evangelical and not have mission on the agenda, a Charismatic Church and not display any of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, hold Reformed values but shy away from Christian disciplines.  For me all of this is a misnomer.

I believe that at the same time we are seeing a whole host of people rise up again and call for integrity – which means that that which we proclaim publically is the same as what we do privately. There is a time for everything (Ecclesiastes 3:1) Don’t be surprised if you see more and more people stepping forward risking their own comfort out of a deep search for integrity. They are just seeking to live up to what they have attained (Philippians 3:16).  Are you one of them?

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