What getting my new Smartphone taught me about being a pioneer


A maverick steps out from the crowd solely to be different but a pioneer steps out from the crowd so that people will follow. I was one of the first people to get the new BlackBerry z10 when it was launched in January 2013. The z10 did not come with all the latest apps, I wanted but more of these have been added over time.

A pioneer is driven by a passion for what they do, that enables them to move forward sometimes against the odds. What is it that motivates you?

Small changes can have a big impact on what you do. Changing the company name from RIM to BlackBerry has helped to focus people on what they do best. What small changes can you make to improve your work?

A pioneer is careful about who they listen to. Some ‘helpful’ comments can lead you away from your core distinctive.  BlackBerry had lost its way but it has now rediscovered that people want a phone with a good ‘work/life’ balance.

Time is more precious than money. Networking is all built into the phone but social media can also be a big time waster. Set clear limits to how much you do.

A pioneer is strategic about the release of what they do. We all have so much to give but not everywhere is ready for it yet. So set dates that you can work towards rather than seeking to accomplish everything in one day. What small step can you take today to accomplish something long term?

A pioneer believes that what they do is essential.  If you talk down to yourself and don’t believe that what you do is needed, why should anyone else get excited about it?

A pioneer is backed up by many ‘unseen’ people. BlackBerry gives incentives to those who develop apps for the phone. Remember to appreciate those who help you.

A pioneer seeks to be successful, not necessarily the biggest. BlackBerry will never have 100% of the market. If you do things well there is nothing more satisfying than that. Some people will expect you to do more based on what they see others doing, but stay true to who you are. The secret of satisfaction is to learn to run in your own lane and to enjoy it.

A pioneer looks to find ways to share and add value to people lives. Get the new 40 page booklet (Published April 2013) called ‘Cafechurch: Get Inspired’, that is full of articles, ideas and resources for churches and individual who are seeking to pioneer in mission. I’m also doing an inspiring speaking tour to encourage churches already running cafechurches. Book a date now – a few are available this year. Email Alisonlatty@cafechurch.net or call 020 8664 8506.

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