3 steps to a great cafechurch experience

After years of developing cafechurches around the UK I have taken some time to reflect as to what makes a good experience – here are my top three answers:

  1. Prayer. Most recently we started a cafechurch and it was not the best organised but much prayer had gone into it. I particularly wanted God to use it to bring people to faith in him. That is exactly what happened. If there is one thing that I would recommend it would be to have a gospel focused, God dependent purpose that out-weighs our need to be in control. This all begins by encouraging people to pray.
  2. People. To start a cafechurch you don’t need a big team but you do need the right people. Positive welcoming ‘can do’ people will serve the best. Whatever you do don’t think that a few mailshots and notices will get the job done. People come to cafechurch because they have been invited personally.
  3. Programme. People come to cafechurch because the issue we discuss is worth talking about. Our faith impacts upon life giving a perspective that is holistic and healthy. At a time when some find hope hard to find make sure your cafechurch is helping people take destiny steps. Check out the resource booklet below (available here: http://www.cafechurch.net) for resources that will help you.[CC] Get Inspired p40&1

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